Thursday, December 11, 2008

dirty: check, sexy: cheeeckkkk!!

Another one of my tragic flaws (other than being a shopaholic) is that I LOVE TV. Love it. Without a doubt.

I would say that, on any normal week (during the fall-spring season), I watch close to 12 shows. And, by watch, I mean I set them all to DVR on that fabulous little invention, and catch up as time permits.

(Sidenote: DVR is definitely one of my absolute favorite.things.ever. If you're living with out it, which, let's be honest, hardly anyone does anymore, I definitely suggest that you invest in it. A very smart investment.)


So, I have a thing for reality/drama series on TV. Anything from Gossip Girl to Grey's Anatomy, I am there. Count me in. The new 90210? You know it! If only Luke Perry would come back! Sigh.


One of my favorite shows this season and last, is Dirty Sexy Money. And the title is spot on. Take an insanely rich American family, with a gaggle of semi-grown up/still ridiculously immature half adults that they call "children," slap in some high society events, politics, love triangles and Nick George, and you've got me hooked!

See what I mean?

Sheesh, I have developed a crush on this made-for-TV-lawyer. Clearly.

Well Nick George/almost a Darling/Peter Krause - I will follow you around on whatever rants the Darling's send you on this season. Keep 'em comin'.

xoxo, A Smitten Kitten

PS - No worries, B - you're still my #1 :o)

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