Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"well, I guess this is growing up ..."

Growing up stinks, sometimes!

Like when you realize that you are now employed, live on your own, and have a Christmas shopping list a mile long?!

Well, I may be exaggerating a little bit. I actually DO love to give gifts to people, especially my loved ones.

You see, I was raised in a house where Christmas Day was THE day of the whole year! Forget birthdays, anniversaries, even Thanksgiving (to a certain degree, cause duh, we all heart turkey day!); they were all overshadowed by the wonder that was Christmas Day in our house. Christmas' with my family are definitely one of my fondest memories of growing up. We would all sit around the house, in our PJ's, for hours opening gifts; paying special attention to what everyone opened and how much they loved it! We would even all pick our spot in the family room for our "gift corner" (I know, super lame. Shoot me.)

So, why do I bring this up today?

Well. I am about 85% done with all of my Christmas shopping! Yay!

B and I do joint family gifts for Christmas. Which is super fun for all of you who are receiving gifts from us this year, like this girl, cause we have a little bit more money to work with.


Let's just say that, in my innate Christmas spirit, and as a result of the wonderful Christmas history of my life, I tend to go a LITTLE overboard at the holidays. Again, shoot me. It excites me so much to think about and see the reactions on people's faces as they open up the gifts that I chose for them!!

This year is an extra special Christmas. B will be making the trek up to NJ with me, and this year, he'll stay through Christmas! I am so excited to have him share in what Christmas morning is like in our house; cause let me tell you, it is an experience, to say the least. I could not be more excited and thankful for the next few holiday-celebrating weeks that are upon us!

So, while we're in the giving mood; here is my Top 10 list, this Christmas:

1) David Yurman Petite Albion Black Onyx Ring (sweet, sweet expensive jewelry)

2) Steven Intyce Boot, love.

3) Chesnut Tall Uggs (I have a boot thing, OK?)

4) North Face Women's Venture Jacket - sorry, I couldn't find a decent pic of this one!

5) Vacuum (and yes, I do realize that coveting an item such as a vacuum at my young age, is pretty pathetic, but what can I say? I like a clean house.)

6) David Cook's Self-titled Album, obviously.

7) The Women's Guide to Life in the Big City; aka, the Sex & The City DVD Series. I think this should be a top 10 for every girl, that is, if you don't already have it.

8) The Stephenie Meyer "Twilight" Box Set - (yes, I caved. I am about to start "Twilight" in the coming days; stay tuned for updates)

9) "Shopaholic Takes Manhatten"
Thank you, Sophie Kinsella, for opening my eyes to my true, tragic flaw - "Hi! I'm Pam, and I'm a shopaholic" Man, if you only knew how much this character sounded like me! So, reading the series will definitely help me give up the habit, right? Right?!

10) This really should have been #1 - lame, lame, lame - but I basically put the bait out there for myself. My real Christmas gift this year (christmas #3, is it?) is the gift that keeps on giving.

You guessed it.
Happy shopping everyone. The economy needs it :o)

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Anonymous said...

im beginning to think we really are the same person. i emailed my mom my christmas list last night- and although it did include a couch, it also included tall chestnut UGGS. because i came SO close to buying them (with free shipping!) from nordstrom.com last night. hilarious.