Friday, February 18, 2011

Riley's Modeling Debut

Thank goodness Friday is here! And, the fact that it's 70* doesn't make it any easier to get through the rest of the workday in the office. Luckily for me, my office is only 4 miles from our place, so I got to go home and enjoy the sun with the pup for a bit during my lunch every day this week today!

Since Riley had a brief introduction on the blog earlier this week, I figured I didn't need to do the formal how I convinced Hubs to get her for me intro, but rather, show more of her sleeping, scampering, gnawing, playful puppy-self!

So, here is a better look at our new little one, in all of her 8 week old, black lab mix glory, cause after all, wouldn't my girl want me to show you pics of her from her "better" angles??

Riley is getting better at "smiling" for the camera! Momma is SO proud, but B insists that she takes after her Dad in disliking the camera. Maybe this is why she barks at both the camera and iPhone when I get in her face?!
Oh, and here are the proud furbaby parents on one of our last "nights out" for a while, it seems. Ha. Such is puppy motherhood?!


Erika said...

Such a cute little puppy!!!

Pamela M said...

Thanks!! We sure love her - and she's proving to be a lot of work!!

Newlywed Next Door said...

OMG, your pup is SO cute! And yes, having a pup is a bit like being a mom (or so I hear -- the only thing I'm willing to committ to at this point is a cat) :)

Sarah@grownupnow said...

Riley is such a super cute puppy! And I absolutely love her name. How's the potty training and everything going?
Puppies are a lot of work for sure. A few years ago, after a sticky break up, I decided to get TWO puppies at once, and that was pretty intense. They're my babies though, and totally worth it. :)

Pamela M said...

It's been a lot of work and a lot less sleep for the first few weeks! She is doing really well though, and we just love her to pieces!!

Yes, it's like being a "Mom" kinda - or so I think! And thanks for the compliments on her name!! I loved it and B didn't like it enough for a daughter, so puppy it was!

I can't imagine 2 puppies at once though?!?!

Jessie Jones said...

Oh sweet Riley, I'm in love! You need to be virtual BFFs with my little Eve Belle. :-) She is smaller than you but is such fun! Hope you are loving your home!

Pamela M said...

Aww, yes! Can they be virtual BFFs? That would be so cute :)