Monday, December 31, 2012

What to Wear For New Year's Eve: A Holiday Style Post from Molly

I am beyond excited to share my first guest blogger with you today. She is the always fashionable and fabulous Mommy who blogs over at Stilettos & Diapers, and she is here today to help to plan your New Year's Eve outfit!

Hi! I'm Molly. A wife, boy mom and displaced southern gal. I live not far from Pam and got to lunch with her not too long ago. It's always fun to finally meet a blog friend and even better when you actually like them in person as much as online!

I blog a lot about fashion at Stilettos and Diapers. I love dressing up and staying trendy, even if those fashionable clothes may have spit-up on them. I never spend a lot on my clothes for that very reason. I like to call myself frugal, but I'm probably just cheap. Being a stay at home mom, I often dress to the nines if I have an event to go to. Even if that event is a trip to Target. I'm going to share with you some of my fave New Years looks. 

Let me warn you by saying my photography has changed a big since the beginning of the blog...thank God. 

New Years, in my book, means sparkles. Whether you're dressing up or going casual, a splash of sparkle never hurt anyone. These are a couple looks from holidays past.
1. Dress: Forever 21, Cuff: Forever 21, Tights: Target. 
2. Pants: Old Navy, Cardigan: Gap, Belt: Forever 21, Tank: Forever 21

1. Try a cocktail dress, that may have been put away with the summer clothes, add some sparkly tights, booties and jewelry. 

2. A sparkly tank, (don't forget to check those summer pieces!) topped with a festive colored cardigan and belt is a good casual option. I love putting a belt over layers, as it gives you more shape. You could pair it with pants and heels, cropped pants and booties, or a skirt and tights. 

3. This is an option for a more casual look. A t-shirt with a sparkled pattern and jeans can be dressed up just enough with a blazer, heels and a little jewelry. 
Boyfriend Jeans: NY&Co, Blazer: Forever 21, Necklace: Forever 21 Tee: Target, Shoes: Steve and Barrys

4. A couple things I've worn this holiday season are fun cocktail dresses. One, a punch of color, and one covered in sparkles. Pair with sky high heels and lots of accessories and you're ready to party. I find that I can wear a coat and once you I'm at the event, it's generally warm enough to be able to wear this type of dress with nothing over it. You could always add a cardigan, if you wanted to. 

Dresses: Hazel and Olive Accessories: Molly Suzanne

Lastly, don't neglect those nails! My go-to color this season is Revlon's Sparkle Aplenty. I have also seen a lot of people wearing China Glaze Champagne Kisses. Love it, too! 

 Thanks, Pam, for letting me take over Our Love Nest today! 

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