Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Decor and DIY Heart Wreath

If you're a blog reader, or you have spent any amount of time on Twitter or Pinterest lately, you probably already know that Valentine's crafts are EVERYWHERE. I'd be lying if I said that seeing all of these creative beauties didn't make me catch the 'crafty' bug in time for Vday!

In my house, the printables came first, and I think I went a bit overboard! I ended up printing out 5-6 of them. Here's a photo of some of the ones that made it up in our house this year.
And then, of course, there had to be a wreath involved! I had been swooning over this pin for a few weeks, and had finally gotten my butt to Hobby Lobby to pick up the tools necessary. The cutting for this wreath was time consuming, but the overall process was pretty simple!

Felt Heart Wreath

What You'll Need:
3/4-1 yard of felt in the color of your choice
1 10-12" foam heart
1 box straight pins

I started by cutting my felt into strips because I found that this made it easier to cut the circles. I also found out that I'm not very good at cutting nice, round circles :o) I had purchased a yard of carnation pink felt, and probably only needed 3/4 of a yard, but my foam heart was on the small side. I think I cut somewhere in the neighborhood of 65-80 3 inch circles.

Once your circles are cut, the hard part is over! You simply take each circle, fold it in half, then in half again, and place a pin through the point that is created at the bottom. I then placed each pinned circled sporadically into the foam heart until it started creating a flowing, heart-shaped pattern. 

I continued to pin the folded circles into the foam heart until I felt like the pattern was even and thick enough to pass as a small heart! And, voila! Valentine's craft success!!
I think it's safe to say that I'm addicted to crafting! I even picked out a few new DIY projects t work on for the Spring!! You can check them out here!


Unknown said...

Super cute! Looks fabulous!

Britt said...

It looks awesome!

Erin said...

I love finding free printables! They add such a simple, cute touch to any holiday!

Newest follower-- and even though you and your hubby like NFL teams that I hate-- I still love to find other football loving gals in the blog world :)

Darby Hawley said...

So sweet!

Nina said...

LOOOVVVEEE the wreath!!! :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous!! Wanna come craft some things for me?? haha I'm so bad about Valentine's decorations!

Aliya said...

Sooooo cute!!!

Joeylee said...

cute wreath and I printed out like 3 vday printables!

J and A said...

Oh my gosh So cute I love it!!!

Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

that wreath is so fun! oh, pinterest always tempting me with all your great ideas ;)

Anonymous said...

That heart wreath looks adorable! :)

Andee Layne said...

this is adorable!!! love it!