Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hi friends!!

Welp, things have been crazy busy around here lately! This weekend included lots of basketball (close to all of my teams lost!), a going away party, sending a gift to the bachelorette party that I missed (ahh, sorry S!) and plenty of cleaning of my house, and shopping for B's new place!

It is official (well, as of 5PM today), B and his brother, J, are townhome owners! The last few weeks have been a complete rollercoaster over this house. But, I am happy to say that things have worked out (don't they always?) and we will begin the move-in/painting/organizing/decorating process tomorrow!

Will I be living there, you ask? No, not yet :o) But I do LOVE to help them out! We already chose paint colors, some furniture, and they even let me choose most (all) of the accessoies for the bathrooms and kitchen! I will leave the painting and heavy lifting to the guys, and spend countless hours moving the little things, organizing it, and making random trips to the store for more decorating ideas/items! This has been such an overwhelmingly exciting time in their lives, and I am so proud of them!

Here are a few pics for a sneek peak - I will update next week once I have some "after" pics!

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KP said...

I hope you are charging them an "interior decorators" fee!
Looks like a sweet place!