Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Extra Long Holiday?!

My sincere apologies for being a lazy blogger post-vacation! I was getting my life back in order (and by that, of course I mean, catching up on TV, and spending a few too many hours out gallivanting with friends over the weekend).

Where do I begin?!

Ahh, yes .. Key West. Ladies (& gents!), Key West was like a mini heaven on earth! If you haven't been there before, I definitely recommend scheduling a trip down there in your near future! We had SO much fun! The weather was perfect, we had plenty of QT together, plenty of sun, good food and better drinks! It was Spring Break for many-a-southern-schools (i.e. U of Georgia, Florida and South Carolina), so B and I just pretended that we were back in college, ha! Here are a few pics of our little getaway ..


Liz said...

Fun! I love Key West.

jlc said...

I LOVE your dress!!!

You guys are too cute together and Key West is amazingggg!

Think you've got a new reader here. ;)