Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Be Still, My Broken Heart

OK, how many of you have been watching the Bachelor in complete disbelief this week?! Don't lie.

I had read the spoilers, so I knew that Jason was going to turn out to be a complete idiot, and go for Molly after he had already PROPOSED to Melissa?! Seriously, what has happened to ABC? There were rumors that ABC was "in talks" with Jason all season long, and that this was always supposed to be the final result. Welp, I am mildly disgusted, and don't think I'll be a devoted viewer of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series anymore; although, having Gillian as the new Bachelorette does sound intriguing. After all, the only successful (love-wise) season was Trista's Bachelorette (whom, might I add, looks super cute as a preggo, and I loved seeing their little update Monday night!) Maybe they should just always leave the decision up to the women, cause men aren't really sure what they want anyways, right?! Haha, jk. Maybe.

In other news, I am thrilled to be getting into the most exciting part of the season on Idol. I already have a few favorites (of course), which include Danny Gokey (OK, everyone loves him, I know), Scott McIntyre and Adam Lambert.

Now, as much as I do dig the whole Edward Cullen look that Adam has going on, I think he would do a bit more for me if he cut that extra long bang, and stopped wearing eye makeup (OK, I'll like him either way).

It sure does seem like the guys are favored this year, but, since I am a believer of the "rigging" that Fox (and Simon Cowell) do behind the scenes, I am still convinced that it will be a girl Idol this season. Oh Simon, how I love you and the middle-of-the-week-lull entertainment that you provide for me .. sigh.

Also - am I the only one that is semi-interested in checking out the new season on Dancing With The Stars this year? I must say, I think this cast will be the best yet, so I might just be adding another reality show to my weekly line-up, you know, in between all of those real life things that I actually have to do. Gosh, how do I keep up?!

Oh! One last thing, if you haven't already seen it, head over and check out Ashley's martini-swap! It looks like it's going to be a super fun way to "get to know each other!" I have a few of those Lolita glasses, and they are precious!



katie said...

glad to know someone else shares my affinity for reality television!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I LOVE reality TV!

And not gonna lie.. I've never really watched Dancing with the Stars before, but since they have Shawn Johnson and Jewel this season, I think I'm going to have to start!!

Courtney said...

Girl, I am with you & I won't lie- I'm disgusted with the bachelor! I do think that if I were Melissa I would've slapped him or something. The poor kid (Ty). And I'm definitely looking forward to dancing with the stars! :)