Friday, August 2, 2013

Unsolicited Advice :: A Guest Post from Laura

Today, Laura from My Thoughts - Uninterrupted joins us to share her experience with the oodles of unsolicited advice that Mom's get from everyone and their mother.She is also sharing the stuff new Momma's really need to know during those first few, whirlwind weeks. Thanks, Laura!

Hi! I'm Laura from My Thoughts - Uninterrupted

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I'm a mom to two lovable little boys. Jackson (7 months old) is my sugar and Ethan (2.5 years old) is definitely my spice in life. I spend my days getting cuddles and sloppy kisses from Jack and chasing my always entertaining, mischievous, and loving Ethan. 

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I am thrilled to step in today for Pamela during her bloggy maternity leave. I certainly hope she is soaking up every moment. Those first few weeks with a fresh, squishy baby are the most wonderfully, uncertain, beautiful days a person can experience. While I currently find myself in the throes of trying threes and teething, I thought I'd take myself back to the days of being a new mommy to one and offer my somewhat more seasoned advice to Pamela and you on what one really needs to know as a new mom.

Unsolicited Advice:
You will get it (lots of it) and you'll give it (probably a lot more than you think). Mom's naturally become completely absorbed in their new mission in life...raising a baby in the best way possible. Sometimes you will be so completely sure of yourself that you might spout off some advice of your own without even being asked. This unsolicited advice will often times strike a cord and mostly what you or your fellow mommy will hear is "YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!". Do your best to push that feeling aside. There is more than one way to correctly (whatever that may mean) raise a baby. So now...without further is my own somewhat unsolicited advice (Pamela did ask after all!).

Put the baby books down.
Ok, this is advice you actually paid for. Return it. Honestly, the only advice you really need is this: go with your instincts. Forget the rest. Baby books will make you try to fit your baby into a little box and we all know that is nowhere good for a baby to be. If you do read the baby books remember to just take the bits and pieces that apply and take the rest with a grain of salt. Always, always trust your gut.

Don't be a judgey mommy. 
Just don't. It will blow up in your face. And for goodness sake never say never. Never. Your squishy newborn might be the sweetest, cuddliest little thing in the universe right now, but they will turn two. I'll just stop there. I don't want to spoil the moment. But, that thing you said you would never do or never allow your child to'll happen. Just prepare yourself now. Maybe if you make it through babydom without being judgey the universe will look kindly upon you and bless you with the most well behaved toddler child that will never end up face down, limp and howling in the middle of Target. Maybe.

Everything is a phase.
I remember when we had Ethan I was constantly striving for "normalcy". It took me a long several, several months to figure out that "normalcy" was a thing of the past. Sure you will have routines, but each new month will bring about a new set of challenges and resolutions. Motherhood is a go with the punches way of life. Whatever thing is driving you bonkers right now will most likely be resolved next month. Sleepless nights are not permanent. Cranky baby is not permanent. Teething doesn't last forever. Along these same lines...

Don't wish time away.
Children change with a blink of the eye. Take lots of pictures of that funny little scrunched up nose, video those sweet baby babbles and write down all of those little stats and phases as they go by. You will want to remember this. You will want to look back. You will forget some of these precious, little moments if you don't document them. 

And finally, relax.

It's so easy to stress out about everything as a mom. Outings will unexpectedly be cut short, outfits will be destroyed and naps will be missed. Relax. Go with the flow. And, most importantly try to find laughter in the chaos. 

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Amanda said...

Could not agree more with this entire post! I'm loving all these guest bloggers, what a sweet and awesome idea!

Sarah | Nurse Loves Farmer said...

All great, awesome fabulous advice!