Monday, August 5, 2013

Mommy Mandy's Tips To Survive the Newborn Days

Happy Monday, friends! Today, one of my favorite blogging Momma's, and a lady who is no stranger to this blog stops by to share some of her practical and real world advice for those first few weeks with baby. Being a first time Mom myself, this information was golden!

You can find Mandy blogging over at Mommy Musings, and also on Facebook here

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to be taking over Pam's blog today while she's busy snuggling that sweet little boy of hers!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Mandy and I blog over at Mommy Musings. 

I'm a Jersey girl teacher turned SAHM.  I'm lucky to be married to my best friend, Skip, and we are blessed with two sweet little girls.  My husband is a former Marine and for the past almost ten years, a cop.  I am a former-teacher turned SAHM, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

As a mom to two kids, I'm obviously an expert on babies.  Hahahahahaha. Yeah right.  I don't even think Mrs. Duggar would call herself an expert. 

But I do think I have some great tips to pass on to all you soon-to-be and new moms out there.  These are some more real life tips...not something you'll find in What to Expect.

{one} Invest in some larger than your normal size clothes to wear once you bring that sweet baby home.  You don't be able to fit into your old clothes yet, and I tried to avoid still wearing maternity clothes post-delivery.  But some jeans in one {or two or three if you're me} sizes up from your normal size, will actually make you feel a bit better about yourself.

{two} Fill up your DVR, or pick out a new series to watch on Netflix.  There will be lots and lots of feedings during the night.  Watching TV helped me stay awake.

{three}  Just because your hubs doesn't have the milk makers, doesn't mean he can't help out during those middle of the night wake-ups.  Have him get up, change the baby's diaper, then bring that little bundle of joy to you to feed.  Those few extra moments always helped me run to the bathroom, put on my glasses, get the TV ready, etc.

{four} Even if you're comfortable breast feeding around friends and family {or are bottle feeding} feign the excuse "the baby needs quiet" and go escape to your room to feed the little one for a bit.  There will be lots of people stopping by and it can get pretty overwhelming at times.  So make sure to give yourself a few moments of peace with the baby before faces the masses again.

{five} Remember when people would wait on you while you were pregnant?  Well there is no harm in rocking that post-partum as well.  You are going to be in pain and discomfort, trust me.  Allowing your husband, mom, best friend, etc. to make you lunch, or run out and get you that cupcake you're craving. 

{six} Practice the ever important "Smile and Nod".  People {a lot of whom don't even have kids} are going to be throwing tons of parenting advice at you.  Don't engage them or try to defend your decisions to them.  Just smile and nod, and then continue parenting the way  you feel is best for your child.

{seven} Mylicon drops.  Buy them in bulk.  Give them at every feeding.  Trust me on this one.

{eight} Snuggle that sweet baby as much as you want.  You will not spoil it, and they grow up way faster than you want.

{nine} This one may seem like TMI, but it has to be said.  If you have a natural delivery, make sure you lean forward when you have to use the ladies room.  You'll save yourself a lot of pain. 

Now go snuggle those sweet babies!!


Unknown said...

Such great advice. I watched the entire Series from 1- current of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix -in bigger size jeans;)-when I was on Maternity Leave. I got so addicted. I mean what else are you going to do during midnight feedings?

Brandi blogging @

Jessica Bauer said...

Perfection!! I am four weeks postpartum with Baby #3 and I wholeheartedly back you up on every singe point. :D Excellent advice!!

Emily said...

i love #4 and couldn't agree more. on days when we had multiple people stopping by, it was so nice to escape from everyone and go nurse in peace and quiet...just me and my little guy :)

hope things are going well, pam!