Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Shenanigans

Raise your hand if you've been watching Bachelor Pad? If you didn't raise yours, you're probably smart, or just lying. I kid. Maybe.

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For as long as I can remember, or since ABC's "The Bachelor" series started about 9 years ago, I have been hooked. Sure, there were a few seasons here and there that I didn't get into for some reason or another, but I always tune in for The Bachelorette, and now, Bachelor Pad, too. Well, I think it goes without saying that ABC prides themselves on the drama that these shows now have to offer. I mean, there is a professional blogger that has an actual JOB spilling Bachelor secrets! Hello, Reality Steve. Sure, I was disgusted when Jason broke up with Melissa only to get back together with Molly the very same night. And the Jake and Vienna public breakup? I guess it doesn't need a ton of explanation. Let's just say I've decided I'm Team Jake on that one, somehow. But every time, I still go back for more.

Enter this year's Bachelor Pad cast. Hot guys, love triangles, crazy people. How can you go wrong? Well, I never saw the Blake and Holly getting engaged thing coming. What's up with that? My jaw was on the floor for about 65 of those 120 minutes that they brought the whole cast back for during the finale. A few thoughts:
  1. Did Ella get a nose job? She looked different, and sort of strange? Love her though.
  2. Are Kasey and Vienna really still together?
  3. What in the WORLD happened with Ames and Jackie? Ames siting "differences" as the reason for the split left me confused. And sad. 
  4. I absolutely think that Michelle & Graham make a pretty hot couple, and may or may not have a tiny crush on Graham. Sue me
  5. Even though Holly told Michael on LIVE TV that she and Blake had gotten engaged, I was still excited that her and Michael won, and loved that they split the money.
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So, until next time. And by next time, I mean January 2nd when Ben F. is officially the next Bachelor!! I know, I'm pathetic. Who's with me?!


Kodie said...

I read the interview with Holly and Michael on people. She wanted to tell him before hand. The night before she tried calling him but they had already taken his cell phone away. During taping they wouldn't let her talk to him. Once they were on air she kept whispering to him that she NEEDED to talk to him then they dropped that bomb on him before she could say anything. I didn't like the stunts production pulled in past seasons and this was by far the worst. I think it's safe to say I will no longer be watching.

Kodie said...

And Ella was in a magazine about her plastic surgery. I guess I didn't pay enough attention...I was only half watching because it was kinda long.

Erin said...

There was just an article on People doing a cover on where the couples are now. I guess Vienna and Kasey are still together and just moved in together! YUCK!

I'm totally sad Ames and Jackie didn't work out, it looked like Jackie was pretty upset still and Ames was really aloof- something's not quite right with that whole situation. I am so nosy someone would spill the beans!

I am totally stoked about Graham and Michelle. Now let's just hope they can make the distance work! I wanna see them get married!

Blake and Holly? eh.. I could take it or leave it ;)

ashley said...

I am pathetic too and love EVERY second of it.

Ella looks a bit different, but I still love her too.

Love Graham...and surprisingly after Brad's season...Michelle too. She was actually quite normal this time crazy.

I am on team Jake too, Vienna drives me nuts! And Kasey...I won't even start on him, except to say that I think on the final show it was all an act and that he is infact a giant douchbag.

And I am and always was a fan of Blake...I didn't see him doing anything wrong at all. Holly's adorable too!

That is all...hahaha