Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gavin @ 3 Months

On Halloween, Gavin officially turned 3 months old. That old saying 'babies don't keep' just gets truer by the day. He barely resembles the tiny, squishy baby he was just two short months ago. My phone is chock full of pictures of him going through his every days. Even two days makes a difference with this boy.

We dressed up for Halloween two different times, perfectly appropriate for your first Halloween, right? While Gavin did make the cutest Superman I have ever seen, I just couldn't help but also put him in the monkey 'suit' that we had on hand while we greeted trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

Gavin's cheeks and thighs are getting chubbier by the day, and his personality is really starting to shine through. Most of the time, he is pretty happy and a joy to be around. But, this month's newest thing is signs of teething on and off a few days per week. The drooling and shoving of fists into his mouth is constant, and we have started giving Baby Orajel and a touch of Tylenol a try, when need be.

Weight/Height: We don't take him back to the doctor until December 10th, when he will be more than four months old, so I'm not sure! If I had to guess, I would say he is somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 pounds or so? He is definitely getting heavier, and I think it may be time for me to invest in a scale because I'm constantly curious!

Hair & Eyes: His hair is coming in more and more and holding steady at a light brown color that sort of resembles his Daddy's. Swoon. His eyes are more like mine and have a sort of greenish/silver/hazel tint to them.
Diapers: We are in size 2s full time now, but we did experience our first blowout since the switch this weekend, so we will see how long we last. I am hesitant to buy another large box of 2s before trying a size 3 to see the difference.

Clothes: Sadly, Gavin has outgrown every piece of 0-3 months clothing in this house. He is in 3-6 month Old Navy, Gap and Mini Boden, and already fitting into some 6 and 9 month things from Carter's and Polo!

Eating: Five times a day, pretty much to a 'T.'  The time he wakes up for his first feeding each morning sort of dictates the day, but his pattern is pretty close to 6:30AM, 9-10AM, 1-2PM, 4-5PM and finally 6:30-7:30PM before bed. We are both comfortable with this routine and I imagine we'll be doing it for a while. 

He also did great taking two bottles (bedtime and morning) from my Mom when we left him overnight for our anniversary recently. Hallelujah! We haven't mastered having him take a bottle from Daddy yet though.

Sleeping: Gavin goes up to bed in his crib shortly after his final feeding of the night. This typically falls between 7-8PM depending on how well he napped that day. Most nights, he is asleep by 8, which gives B and I some time to watch Breaking Bad enjoy each other before bed. 

He is pretty solidly sleeping 'through the night' at this point. He sometimes wakes me a few times with some crying/whimpering, but giving him back his pacifier works and I am usually back to sleep within 5-10 minutes. Once 5-5:30AM rolls around, he starts rumbling, and I am usually feeding him by 6AM. About once a week, he'll throw me a curve ball and sleep later than I expect, but his pattern is pretty regular most of the time.

Milestones: We think G might be working on cutting his first tooth, although I have heard it could take months for it to actually happen. He is showing all of the signs of teething though, so I ordered him an amber teething necklace (we got this one, recommended from a friend!). 

He is also very active and alert, and I think he might be sitting up on his own by Christmas! He loves any opportunity to sit up in our laps or on the sofa, and has started playing in his Summer activity seat more and more. He also loves to lay on the floor and kick his legs like crazy! He has mastered rolling from belly to back, and we can tell he is close to rolling from back to belly, but it hasn't happened yet. Truthfully, I m sort of thankful for that, at least for now!

Gavin's first official holiday season has begun, and I am beyond excited! I have already started his Christmas list, my Christmas shopping, and brainstorming ideas for new traditions that we can start as a little family. 

What are your favorite holiday traditions?


Sarah said...

He is so sweet! I can't believe how big he is getting! The holidays will be so much fun!

Ashleyrose said...

He is so handsome! That is great that he is sleeping through the night! I can't wait until my little guy decides to do that lol

Shannon Dew said...

He's really starting to look like a little boy and less baby! It's so bittersweet!!!

K said...

I love the faces he makes! Cracks me up, he's so cute!

loveyoulotslikejellytots said...

He is just perfect! Regards teething, my daughter started showing the signs around 3.5 months and finally at 5.5 months she cut her first 2 at exactly the same time. She is a nightmare when she is teething but because it only lasts a couple of days now I keep forgetting to get the amber necklaces but I am a HUGE believer in them. Have seen the most horrible whiny children turn into the happiest most pleasant people to be around overnight. I think they are actually magical.

You are doing such a great job of being a mama and Gavin is such a handsome little man!

Molly said...

He is PRECIOUS! Such a sweet smile!