Thursday, November 7, 2013

Allergy Season Always Get Me Down

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We pretty much adore all things fall in our house. Football season, PSLs, Halloween, crockpot meals, cooler temps and changing leaves, we can't get enough! But, one of the things that I always forget about the fall is the onset of fall allergies. Bummer. I didn't suffer from my first case of fall allergies until I was in college; maybe it was all of that fresh Virginia mountain air, but ever since then, I get hit with a mild case about every other year. My husband on the other hand, well he may as well have allergies all year long. I love that man, but he really knows how to go through a box of tissues.

This year is different than any other year because we have a brand new little guy in our house. The onset of fall allergies struck early, so when Gavin was just four weeks old, the sniffles started in our house. Cue the new Mommy freak outs. I stocked up on every vitamin I could think of, made sure we had all of the necessary baby remedies and filled every corner of our home with a fresh box of tissues. And, since B and I both suffered from a case of fall allergies this year, my preparation paid off for once!

On one of my recent bi-weekly trips to Target, I happened to remember that we were low in the tissue department. In true Target fashion, they were fully stocked with my favorite brands and some awesome holiday themed designs. Double score! 

It is never too early to start preparing and decorating for Christmas in our house, so when I saw this adorable holiday design on the new Kleenex 4packs, I scooped them right up. Just another little touch of holiday flavor to add throughout our home as the holiday season begins. 

And some days, babies need tissues, too! We have become avid users (and advocates) for the NoseFrida in this house, and each time I use it on Gavin, I need to have tissues on hand. The softness of Kleenex is perfect for every nose in this house, big and small!

And, speaking of decorating for Christmas, I already have it on the brain constantly. I even have a small decorated tree that my Mom made me that I leave up all year long. No corner of our home would be complete without a Kleenex stash. 

If you suffer from fall allergies in your home like we do, or even if you just have lots of little noses to wipe every day, Kleenex is definitely the way to go. No red, irritated noses yet this year! 

And, if you frequent Target like I do (do all Mommy's go there every other day?!), you can take advantage of the Kleenex deal going on now while supplies last! Buy any Kleenex 4pack and get a free wallet pack (2-pk) or pocket pack (3-pk) - both are $1 value! Print your coupon here!

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