Friday, August 19, 2011

Photo Recap

Remember that time when I actually wrote frequent post in this little bog? Me neither. This month has been an absolute non-stop whirlwind, and it's not over yet! I have one more full work week and then I'm headed out to San Francisco for a week with my company for an event! Does life ever slow down? I sure hope the answer is yes.

You may be wondering what on earth I've we've been up to lately, or you may not care at all, but I'll share anyway. Few words, lots of pics. Sound good? Great!! 

Vacation.Beach.Friends.Family.BirthdayParties.WeddingPhotography.Concerts.Reunions.SickPuppies.RoadTrips.BusinessVentures.HouseHunting.Working.Cleaning .... and the list goes on and on.

Our nephew turned 1!!

1st Birthday Party FUN!!

Catching up with besties - and more babies!!

Sunny beach shots

Swimming puppies!!

Lovely, summer nights :o)

Well, a recap in photos is about all I've got time for today, but hopefully it gave you a little glimpse into our mini corner of the world! How is it already close to summer's end?!

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Erin said...

The beach shot of you and your hubs is beautiful!!